Some days, less low, but always pretty low

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“Had I been a tight end at Auburn, this would have been my 17th year coaching instead of playing in the NFL. State was the first school that recruited me. State, Rivers completed 63.6 percent of his passes for 13,484 yards and 95 touchdowns. Have any of you attended meetings of illegals? I have. Their hatred, bigotry and racism is unparalleled. Yet it’s never discussed.

The “Spot” book series, featuring a loveable and nosey animated dog, has been around for generations. This is Book 1 in the collection with tons of lift flaps, which serve a greater purpose than just uncovering what Spot the dog finds with his nose behind a door, under the bed, and so forth. According to Brinderson, when kids lift flaps up and down, they’re zeroing in on their tactile input and understanding how to ‘use’ their fingers and well as their imaginations.

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